Creating Spaces with Soul


Throw the Perfect Backyard Party

Summer is the ultimate season for outdoor entertaining – stunning lakeviews, Okanagan sunshine, the wild smell of orchards in our backyards, and of course our neighbourhood access to world-class wine, farm-to-table organic ingredients, and amazing talent to help us throw epic private parties. Whether your ideal backyard shindig hosts 3 of your closest friends or a group of fifty – step it up a notch and take advantage of all the Okanagan has at its fingertips to impress, dazzle and delight your attendees.

Live Like a Millionaire, Even if You’re Not

...I know what you’re all saying… ‘If I had deep pockets, I’d live fabulously too!’  But you don’t have to be a millionaireto live like a millionaire! We’ve learnt some pretty awesome tricks for ‘living rich’ without spending a ton of money, and we truly believe that everyone, from all walks of life, deserve to love the life they live and live in a home they truly love.

Creating 'Family Walls of Fame'

While they often look casual and haphazardly-placed, there is a science to creating a harmonious photowall. The secret is finding the perfect balance between frame styles, photography and spacing. Here’s how!

Space Clearing in Spring

We call it “Spring Cleaning’ but I’m not just talking about dusting the windows and putting away the faux fur throws. Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy, including the energy in our homes – and after several months of hibernating, dealing with holiday stresses, being covered in snow, and literally absorbing the energy of all of the things we’ve been through - our homes are in need of a good ol’ space clearing to welcome the positive and budding vibrancy of Spring.