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Space Clearing in Spring

Springtime is the perfect time to clear your spaces. Physically, emotionally and energetically our favourite places often feel heavy and cluttered from enduring the harsh Winter months, tired, stagnant, dense, and in desperate need of rejuvenation to welcome the warmer, brighter, more colourful days ahead. We call it “Spring Cleaning’ but I’m not just talking about dusting the windows and putting away the faux fur throws. Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy, including the energy in our homes – and after several months of hibernating, dealing with holiday stresses, being covered in snow,  and literally absorbing the energy of all of the things we’ve been through - our homes are in need of a good ol’ space clearing to welcome the positive and budding vibrancy of Spring.

Always start a space clearing with as clean of a home as possible (there’s enough energetic ‘junk’ to deal with, you don’t want to be tripping over dirty laundry). Begin inside your home, with your back to the front door, and light a candle (preferably a white, natural-based, non-synthetic candle to encourage a purifying energy). Close your eyes and think of all the amazing things your home provides for you; security, comfort, luxury, family, privacy, inspiration, motivation, rest… whatever your home means to you, and thank your home for all it offers. Next, set an intention for this space clearing – it can be simply “I want to graciously thank my home for withstanding Winter, providing me with warmth and comfort. I want to move all stagnant energy out so that my home and I can welcome fresh, vibrant, and loving energy in.”

There are a myriad of methods to clear spaces (none of which are better than the other or right/wrong) so choose a technique (or a combination of techniques) that resonates with you, in this moment. You can simply walk around your home, room to room, and give gratitude to each space for the different functions and feelings they evoke for you. You can open up all the windows, breathing deeply and allowing fresh, crisp air to enter your space (and the stale energy to exit). You can use sound to help enliven your space (blaring your favourite “feel-good” playlist and dancing in your pajamas is a wonderful way to inject happy vibes into your home – or use bells, chimes, clapping or rattles to break up energy – paying close attention to corners and doorways. You can burn herbs such as sage, cedar or palo santo and use the ancient power of smoke to clear your spaces (always use an abalone shell or fireproof container to safely contain your smudging materials). Essential oils can invigorate a space. You can use crystals by placing  them in rooms with their corresponding attributes. Rose quartz is an excellent love enhancer so I always keep a bowl of it at my front door. Everytime I walk in or walk out of my home, I am reminded to do so with love. Onyx and Obsidian will absorb negative energy so place these stones in rooms where you’ve had a recent argument. Selenite is a powerful stone for cleansing and encourages amazing sleep so it’s a great choice in bedrooms. Citrine welcomes abundant and prosperous energy so it’s a must-have in my home office.

When we clear ourselves and our spaces of all the things that are no longer serving us – we invite opportunities, new relationships and magic into our lives. Whatever method you choose to use, do so with love in your heart and a clear, meaningful intention. Finish off your Spring space cleansing by inviting something into your home that reminds you of nature, new beginnings and acts as a affirmation to the positive new direction you desire (a fresh floral bouquet, a new plant, an organic piece of driftwood the melting snow revealed on your last walk on the beach, Easter eggs, etc) To a beautiful , auspicious Spring!


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