Creating Spaces with Soul

Intuitive Interiors

Our spaces are not intended to be flawless and untouchable. They are masterpieces of imperfections, raw. vulnerable. organic. Ever-changing collections of juxtaposed refined and wild elements of spirit and design. Our spaces are not meant to be tame, passive, copied or boring!
Our spaces should tell a rebel story; one of overcoming obstacles and personal growth. They should be filled with things that make us smile, make us think, make us grateful, and ultimately, leave us feeling connected - to the planet, to each other, and most importantly, to ourselves. By designing a room to have clear vibrational energy, we in turn, shift the vibrational energy within ourselves, amplifying our personal power. Everything is connected. You have a profound relationship with everything you own (whether you're aware of it or not).
Our spaces are mantras we subconsciously practice every day - they ground us, motivate us, and communicate to the universe what we value and what we want sent in our direction.
Our spaces are meditations for our mental health.
Our spaces are medications for our soul.
Our spaces speak the subtle sacred language we use to transmit our light to the world.
Our spaces are our mirrors - they help us reflect, center and transform.
[Let's Make More Space for Magic]
Sam's creative ability transcends her New York School of Interior Design, University of British Columbia and Blanche Macdonald post-secondary background and over a decade of experience owning and operating the wildly successful full-service interior design and lifestyle firm (previously 'Rock House Style', rebranded to 'Spirit Style' in 2020). Her process is uniquely intuitive; she is able to instantly read spaces and decisively determine what they require to shine. She has a gift to be able to also read her clients to immediately dive deep into the heart of their design and lifestyle goals. She understands that good design is psychological ("interior" design always begins on the inside) and trusts her inner voice to guide her towards projects that are the right fit, accomplish professional extraordinary client experiences and curate wow-factor designs that do so much more than 'look pretty'. Souls spaces aren't created by mastering a specific design aesthetic - Sam focuses on her expert ability to guide her clientele toward their own personal, beautiful and intensely meaningful Spirit Style.
Below are a few examples of spaces with soul designed by Sam Shakura, with and for her fabulous clientele.