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Ruby Fuschite Sphere


uschite is the green, chromium-rich variety of muscovite, otherwise known as mica, which crystallizes in the form of plate like layers. Within this fuscite, ruby crystals are embedded; their red colour is also caused by the presence of chromium. So this Ruby Fuschite from India is created when muscovite (mica) and corundum (aluminum oxide) are in the presence of chromium.

As a healing stone, Ruby Fuscite acts as the sum of its parts. It allows us to examine issues related to basic foundations of life and personal concerns. Ruby in Fuschite is said to stimulate love and nurturing and brings knowledge, spiritual wisdom and wealth.

Spheres elegantly display the beautiful qualities of crystals and gemstones. They are perfect for mineral collections, as decorative accents, for artistic inspiration or for personal spiritual practices.

Size: 40-65mm dia

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